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Innovative Ideas Pitched By Youth, Mostly School Dropouts, To Change The Dietary Habits Of Bhutanese

The ideas, which are human-centred, are also expected to enhance national food and nutrition...

Jun 05, 2018 11:04

Incorporating Python Into Bhutanese School Curriculum - Vital In Realising Its Dream Of Becoming A Silicon Shangri-la

In order to fulfil Bhutan's potential as a future hub for IT and innovation, it is important to...

Jun 03, 2018 17:19

TSEM – Innovative Toys Made in Bhutan

“Incorporating our culture, our local folk stories and art in our toys is also a goal. Our mission...

Apr 23, 2018 00:55

Boleros: The Power Pickups of Eastern Bhutan

Boleros are considered as the top pickup trucks of the east because of their sheer power to move on...

Apr 08, 2018 15:13

Loss of the Brokpa Dress Culture in Bhutan

The impact of declining sheep rearing practice would lead to the loss of the brokpa dress culture,...

Mar 28, 2018 17:57

Bhutan - Silicon Shangri-La

While we were expecting a week of visits to sedate governmental offices, tours of historic Buddhist...

Mar 26, 2018 21:12

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