The DPT party came to the 2013 elections seemingly unaware of the considerable liabilities they carried. They were already talking about having a need to increase the number of ministers to 18, changing the constitution, re-drafting the ACC act among other things.

When they lost the elections, it hit them hard.

The baggage of incumbency was particularly heavy for the DPT no doubt because of the long list of blunders they made.

They made matters worse by ignoring the wisdom that you should own up to your mistakes before someone distorts it out of proportion. The truth is always the best defense but the truth demands transparency. Transparency was an ideal that the DPT killed off with their overplayed ‘concerns’ over protecting state secrets.

The fact that despite their vocal denials, they were eventually proved wrong in the sales tax case, the Gyelpoishing land scam among others, added a solid dimension of credibility to the loud undercurrent of complaints against the party. Were these failings the whole lot or just the tip of the iceberg?

How far this bag of liabilities went to tilt the elections in favour of the PDP is hard to say, but it certainly did a lot to convince many informed citizens that DPT was not a wise choice for another five years.

The staunch DPT supporters like to believe that their otherwise assured victory at the ballot box was denied only because of a strategic interference by India in withdrawing their subsidies to Bhutan. They seem blind to the rather ‘strategic dumbness’ of trying to deal with China without allaying the concerns of India, while also achieving nothing in the process.

The other major set of liabilities afflicting the DPT, also something they are totally blind to, are their big party supporters.

While the DPT gained tremendous public support for their claim to save the people from the greed and excesses of the PDP that they predicted, post-election they seemed to have become so absorbed in rewarding their major financiers that before long they had become the very thing they were warning the people of. The major supporters of the DPT most people believe are the Tashi Group, Pelden Group, Eastern Coal Mines, Karma Group, Riverview family etc etc.

After the DPT’s landslide victory in 2008, it was clear that they came to collect their rewards. In the absence of any real transparency, what they ‘collected’ is only based on public speculation. Perhaps with a quick passing of the RTI act, the ‘collections’ listed below will be officially verified.

Tashi Group got T-Bank, Tashi Air and a de facto monopoly in beer throughout Bhutan. They also got Tashi cell, Bhutan’s first private mobile company.

It seems the DPT left no stone unturned in rewarding their supporters big and small. Convicted land thief and forger Chang Ugyen was also rewarded with the party’s Vice President’s post, severely denting the image of the party.

Major DPT supporters in Phuntsholing were rewarded by forcing DHI to embark on a land reclamation project in the river flood plain with the major party supporters assured prime plots.

Perhaps the biggest liability of the DPT was/is the Riverview family. They collected their share of the loot almost from the first day of the DPT government. They got the Druk PNB bank license even though the prevailing FDI rules had to be broken to issue that license. But apart from opportunities such as this, they were also implicated in many other dirty dealings. Their other license under the name of Global Traders was awarded the city bus tender despite not being the lowest bidder. On their behalf, the MOWHS Minister Jimba tried to convince the nation that they should be allowed to buy the land around the Trowa Theatre at government rates despite not having paid any lease for 5 years. The other son of Riverview family was mysteriously appointed as Bhutan Dealer for all heavy electrical machinery supplied by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). A first because BHEL does not need dealers.

In 5 short years, the Riverview group has displayed a tremendous ability to use/abuse their connections for family gain. But in the process, they have also done tremendous damage to the party they support. Bhutan is a small country and there really is no such thing as a secret.
Unfortunately, they are also causing tremendous damage to the monarchy because of the tie they have through marriage, a tie they openly abuse.

What else the DPT did during the past 5 years will slowly, but surely be revealed during the next 5. It is very obvious that the PDP must investigate and divulge every sordid detail. Not only is it in their own political interest to inform the public of the wrong doings of their primary political foe, but it also is their duty.

The DPT has rewarded them with a treasure chest of ammunition with which they can easily be destroyed. It will not need any false mudslinging or unfair tactics.

The PDP just has to follow the riverview trail…


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  1. Haha, our resident doc still trying to put a spin on DPTs loss, why are you wasting your time, everyone knows why PDP won and no amount of weird justifications from you is going to change that. PDP is now in power, so stop your cheap rhetoric please.

  2. Okay, if you want a tit for tat, then the RGOB must go after ZIMDRA, how is it that ZIMDRA got the dealership of Maruti and other Indian vehicles which were once with STCB. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how much ZIMDRA earns from just sitting on their fats asses and selling Indian vehicles. STCB is a part of the RGOB which means that any revenue they earn goes to government coffers, Doc Honcho, please tell us where the money goes when the business is given to ZIMDRA.

    Now, lets calculate, how much JYTs son in law made by purchasing 23 Chinese buses and how much ZIMDRA had made over the years selling just MARUTI vehicles, please do the maths and let us know as this seems to be your very own blog and that you seem to want the truth to be out. And by the way the Chinese buses are much better than the Indian buses, just like the Chinese roads are far better than the Indian roads.

    And the final nail in the coffin, STCB can barely make ends meet, ask any STCB staff and they will tell you that if they were still the dealers of Maruti and Tata etc, they would not be in the precarious position they now find themselves in.

    HONCHO, hope PDP will come to STCBs rescue.

  3. Very sorry to disappoint you but it’s not my job to defend either STCB or Zimdra. If they are guilty, they should be hung up on the same line as Global Traders and Bhutan Post etc etc.

    Why are you defending Global Traders?

    Anyway, the thing wrong with global traders is not how they got a dealership but the fact they somehow managed to become the lowest bidder when they were the highest bidder. Someone has to explain that. Don’t worry, ACC will soon get their teeth into it.

  4. So how is it your job to prosecute Global Traders etc, you have two rules for different people or what! And how do you know what happened in the bidding process, were you privy to it or is your opinion based on what you read in the “TIBETAN” aka the bhutanese newspaper. Wow, Bhutan sure needs more people like you, you want ACC to screw someone with no reasons, yet you are comfortable with many people being made redundant because a big business house has somehow taken away a RGOB owned corporations main source of income. Honcho, why are you showing your mean streak here.

  5. I said it’s not my job to defend STCB or Zimdra. It’s also not my job to defend Global Traders.

    If we are not privy to public information you should thank your DPT for it who were so scared of tranparency.

    If DPT feels they were victimized by false information, they only have themselves to blame. The truth sets you free but for that you need transparency.

    ACC will not screw anyone found innocent. Why are you so scared if your party is innocent.

    Anyway, gyelpoishing took 10 years to materialize. Be patient, your turn will eventually come.

  6. You are not defending global traders, instead you are putting them in the dock, so my question was why global traders and not ZIMDRA also, But you have still have not answered who made more money, ZUMBRA or global traders, does your silence tell me it is ZIMDRA.

    Your a real prick with sense of fair play at all.

  7. And why I am comparing ZIMDRA and Global Traders is because both of them seem to be in the vehicle business, we have no sinister reason to bring it up.

  8. Before 2008 the riverview family was just a hotel business. After 2008 they became big dadas in town because of matrimonial links with both the Royal Family and the dictator JYT’s family. This family totally abused these links for their own family profit.

    Now in 2008, I am happy to say that one of the two pillars has been demolished. JYT is nothing now. If anything this link will be a liability under a PDP government.

    The other pillar is still intact and apparently they are still using it to the hilt. Shame on them, abusing the name of our Monarchy.

  9. You don’t seem to know anything about Riverview, whatever business they are in just now, they have been in it way before 2008, so please get your news from other sources too and not only from the TIBETAN newspaper. I acknowledge that the Riverview owner is not the best liked person, but to say that JYT is behind all his business interests is a load of crap. If you have any concrete proof. lets have it, otherwise, your just a half baked PDP supporter whose party won by unfair means.

  10. Not the best liked person? Ha, now that’s an understatement!

    I agree that they have been in the business of crooking money since way before 2008. But their success, if you can call it that, has come after 2008.

    When did that Druk PNB bank license suddenly fall in their lap? After 2008.

    How did a non-existent company Global Traders suddenly become the biggest player in town? God knows, but only after 2008.

    Luckily for us not every piece of money making opportunity is corrupted in Bhutan. The 200 acres of forest land they have grabbed in Serbithang is still kept pending. Don’t know why because if it is not their land it should be simply registered as government land and left at that. But even today, that plot is not in their name but under their fencing with cottages and orchards and what not.

    Whether The Bhutanese is owned by a Tibetan is irrelevant. Because that ‘tibetan’ as you racists like to put it, is doing this country much greater service than genuine Bhutanese crooks like Riverview family that you support so much. That is what matters.

  11. You mean global traders is doing better than Lhaki and all, you got shit for brains or what. Lhaki even has more limestone deposits than PCAL, did you know that, so whatever global traders is doing won’t even be 10% of what Lhaki has. And from where do you get stories about 200 acres at Serbithang, no one is allowed to own more than 25 acres of land in Bhutan, that is the law.

    As for Tenzing Lamsang, how can you even say that what he is doing is for the service of the country, if you had said service for your party PDP, than I would agree. He should not even qualify as a journalist as he has no morals or ethics, two traits which are vital for a journalist to be respected.

    As for banks, don’t worry Singye and all will open one soon.

  12. You need to change your nick from badpath to wrongpath. You are so wrong to think that attacking Lhaki Cement is some form of defense for Riverview and Global Traders. Anyway, I’m glad that you are admitting that Global Traders is at least worth 10% of Lhaki Cement and that Lhaki Cement is worth much more than PCAL.

    But it is no defense. Riverview, Global Traders and Lhaki and every other company guilty of crookery needs investigation. Instead of defending Riverview why don’t you join the rest of us and call a spade a spade, regardless of which company it is.

    Riverview is in the spotlight primarily because of its recent and sudden rise into prosperity and perhaps it has done more than anybody else has done in the past. But sure, if you want, please feel free to rope in other parties if you have the details.

    Lhaki Cement has more deposits than PCAL? That’s news to me! How was that given away? Let’s find out.

  13. oh and about the 200 acres, the 25 acre ceiling is a rule or law. These buggers have broken so many other laws, what this law to them? Why are they still fencing off 200 acres? You tell me!

  14. We need proof man, we are not going believe anyone, least of all someone who calls himself a bugger. And I know this not to be true for the simple reason, that if it were, your TIBETAN guru Tenzing Lamsang would have reported about it a long time back.

  15. Great bugger, so why are you only attacking global traders and not Lhaki and Singye etc, I have never seen you writing anything bad about them. Does it somehow have to do with you being an ardent PDP man/girl.

  16. Honcho,

    We are blaming DPTs loss, not only on India’s interference, but with a lot of things that happened in Bhutan too. Please don’t even pretend that you don’t know about those other reasons. DPT has concrete proof, so don’t think that the points submitted are just a load of bull.

  17. “concrete proof”? that is exactly what you people are missing. A whole lotta speculation but zero concrete proof. That’s why people have started to call you the ngolop party.

  18. If I were you, I won’t be too happy knowing your party won by massive fraud. No wonder the PM and all the new minsters look so lost. And as for being called a Ngolop party, it is the PDPs way of bringing up the monarchy whenever they are lost for words. I don’t think anyone in the DPT can be even remotely be considered a ngolop. That is PDPs way of deflecting their parties illegal win, blame the other party.

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